The Winter Workshop 2012

Simulation in the brain.

January 16 (Mon.) to 18 (Wed.), 2012
Rusutsu Resort Hotel , Hokkaido, Japan

Registration fee: 2,000yen(Student:free)

**** Tentative Schedule **** 

 "Simulation in the brain"
January 16 Topic Session
18:10-19:00 Yukie Nagai(Osaka University)
19:10-20:00 Atsushi Senjyu(University College London)
20:10-21:00 Ben Seymour(University College London)
21:00-23:00 Poster session
January 17 Special Session
15:30-16:20 George Dragoi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
16:30-17:20 Rajesh Rao (University of Washington)
17:30-18:20 Wako Yoshida(University College London)
20:00-22:00 Poster session
January 18 Topic Session
 9:00-9:50 Tamami Nakano(Osaka University)
 10:00-10:50 Taro Toyoizumi(RIKEN)
 11:00-11:50 Jun-nosuke Teramae(RIKEN)



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The deadline is Monday, December 26, 2011.

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